April 19, 2024

Top 3 Washable Sparkle Fabrics for Dance Costumes

To make your dance costume stand out, think about using sequin fabric, metallic spandex, or glitter mesh. Sequin fabric is great because it comes in many colors and is durable enough to be washed, making it perfect for a costume that needs to last.

Metallic spandex is another good choice because it stretches, fits well, and has a shiny look that will make sure all eyes are on you. It's also easy to take care of, which means you can focus more on your performance.

Glitter mesh is a light and airy option that won't sacrifice any sparkle, keeping you comfortable and looking great throughout your dance. Each of these materials has its own special way of adding sparkle to your costume, opening up a world of possibilities for your next big performance.

For example, choosing sequin fabric in a vibrant color can help you stand out in a group number, while metallic spandex is perfect for a solo where movement is key. Glitter mesh can be used for costumes that require a lot of flexibility and breathability.

By selecting the right fabric, you ensure your costume is not only eye-catching but also practical for your dance needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Sequin fabric catches the eye with its multi-color shine, making dance costumes pop. You can wash it by hand, so it lasts longer. This is great because it means the sparkle won't fade after a few performances.
  • Metallic Spandex stretches and has a metallic look that comes in many colors. You can wash it easily by hand or in a gentle machine cycle, making it a practical choice for dancers who are always on the move.
  • Glitter Mesh is a light fabric that's easy to keep looking new. It comes in various colors and designs, perfect for creating dance outfits that are both comfortable and sparkly. This fabric is a good choice for dancers who want to stand out without sacrificing comfort.
  • These fabrics are made to make dancers feel good and look amazing on stage. They're durable, so they can handle the intensity of dance performances. This means dancers can focus on their routines without worrying about their costumes.
  • By using these fabrics, costume designers can get creative, mixing sparkle, flexibility, and fashion. This also makes it easier for dancers to keep their costumes in top shape. For example, choosing a sequin fabric for a standout piece or metallic spandex for a flexible base layer can elevate a costume's look and functionality.

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Sequin Fabric Features

Sequin fabric shines in many colors and sizes, making it ideal for dance costumes because it looks great and feels comfortable. When you dance, this fabric makes sure you catch everyone's eye with its sparkle, but it's also made to last. It's tough enough for many rehearsals and shows, and you can even wash it by hand to keep it looking new. This is because sequin fabric is usually made on a polyester base or a mix that's both flexible and strong. This blend means your outfit not only looks good but also keeps up with your dance moves without wearing out.

What really makes sequin fabric special is how it's built to perform. For dancers who need their costumes to stretch with them, some sequin fabrics are made with extra give, ensuring you can move freely without your costume holding you back. This mix of eye-catching looks, lasting wear, and comfort puts sequin fabric at the top of the list for dance costumes.

For example, if you're preparing for a solo performance and want to stand out, choosing sequin fabric in a bright color can make a big difference. It's also worth looking for specific brands known for their high-quality sequin fabrics, ensuring your costume will look great and withstand the demands of your performance. In summary, sequin fabric offers a combination of beauty, durability, and practicality that's hard to beat for dancewear.

Metallic Spandex Benefits

Opt for metallic spandex and elevate your dance costume with its unbeatable combination of stretch and style. This fabric stretches to accommodate every dance move you have while catching the eye with its shiny metallic finish. Picture yourself on stage, your outfit sparkling in the spotlight, making your performance unforgettable.

Caring for metallic spandex is straightforward. You can either hand wash it or use the gentle cycle on your washing machine. This ease of maintenance ensures your costume remains in top condition without any extra work.

Metallic spandex comes in a wide range of colors, from the classic gold and silver to vibrant reds and blues. This variety means you can find the perfect color to match the theme of your performance or express your personal style. It's not just about meeting performance requirements; it's about showcasing your unique identity on stage.

Glitter Mesh Advantages

Metallic spandex is great for stretchy, shiny dance costumes, but glitter mesh has its own awesome features. It's super light and lets air through, so dancers won't get weighed down but still sparkle on stage. Here's why glitter mesh is a top choice for making standout dance outfits:

  1. Easy Care: Glitter mesh is a breeze to keep clean and looking fresh, even after many uses. This means costumes will keep sparkling show after show.
  2. Unleash Creativity: With tons of colors and patterns available, glitter mesh lets you get really creative. You can make anything from a subtle, classy look to a bold, eye-catching costume. It's like turning dance outfits into wearable art.
  3. Comfortable Performances: Since the fabric is so light and airy, dancers can move freely and stay cool, which helps them give their best performance without feeling weighed down by their costume.

Choosing glitter mesh for dance costumes means going for something innovative, comfy, and long-lasting. Plus, it ensures dancers look amazing on stage.


Now that you've explored the bright world of sequin fabric, metallic spandex, and glitter mesh, you're ready to make your dance costumes stand out with their sparkle. These fabrics aren't just eye-catching but also washable, which means your costume can stay shiny and new-looking through many performances.

By using these materials, you can create a dance costume that not only looks amazing but is practical too. This will make your outfit the one everyone talks about!

Michelle Schmidt

Michelle is the founder and lead designer of MPowered Dancewear, a Minneapolis-based costume shop specializing in vibrant salsa performance attire. With over 8 years of experience crafting eye-catching designs for local dance teams, her creations enable dancers to feel confident and captivating as they sway across the floor.  

An expert on sewing dazzling dance costumes, Michelle loves to share her skills and knowledge by publishing sewing tutorials focused on helping aspiring designers create their own sensational Latin dancewear.

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